Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More fun with Statistics using On-Line graphing tools

Today, the fantastic Kiwikids Maths class had more fun with statistics. We discovered an awful lot about a packet of lollipops. This included: which was the most common shape of lollipop, what was the most popular lollipop flavour, and what was the most common colour of lollipop found in one packet. YES! We did get to eat one too. It was such a busy maths lesson. My challenge for you is to look at the information in the graphs and make statements about what you have found out. e.g. What is the least favourite flavour in our class? What do you notice about the number of shapes we found in the packet? How many different things can you tell me? I'd love to hear about what you've learned.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun Statistics with Smarties.

The Kiwikids Maths Class had an exciting maths lesson on Statistics. Our inquiry was: What is the most common colour in a small pack of 'Smarties'.
We each moved the lollies into a bar graph on paper and found that each group had different results. Mrs R asked us to find out: What was the most common colour? What was the least common colour? How many Smarties did our pack have altogether? How many colours in our box? Look at our graph can you read which colour was the most common colour across the whole class?

Yummy, we got to eat them all at the end.

Rhythm Patterns in Music

Room 10 have been learning about rhythm patterns in music.  We used words about water: plip, spitting, drop, pitter patter, splish splash and whoosh to show different ostinati patterns and laid one over the other to create texture.  Read our comments to hear how we reflected on our practice performance and what we think we could improve on next time.