Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water in 3 States

We used Glogster to make a poster. We chose pictures about water as ice, liquid and gas. Then we put our voices on using the Easispeak microphone.
We thought about colours and added our sounds to our poster. We hope you enjoy it.


MrsB said...

I love your poster! You thought of so many different pictures to put on it. Very cool the way you can zoom in on the images. I clicked on the arrows but couldn't hear your voices.
Maybe you can help me to hear them?

K.G said...

cool! I like everything especially
the cool sounds and the spiral.

J.O said...

that is so cool!

BL said...

I think that was really cool and Mrs Ried is good at doing that with you.

bc said...

mrs r you have dane lost on room 10 blog i like it very much mrs r. my little sitter loves the games she siad can i hop on with me bc i hope you show us lost more games at school we all love you showing things you have been looking at school.